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In a world where machines learn our skills like lightening , divides are widening & the weather is frightening...


we’ve got work that won’t wait! 


Being unapologetically impatient about accelerating women's ability to thrive & drive exponential income inclusive innovation & positive impact is

Humanity's only hope of sustaining an economy, society & planet that

works for the sum of us not just some of us



Patience isn't always a virtue!

The HeroWorx is Meta & Tech skills training provider for regulated & technical organisations. We specialise in accelerating income, inclusion and impact velocity past immovable objects (regulations|engrained powers dynamics|complex processes. We serve impatient leaders with steep Income |Inclusion | ESG Impact targets with an unapologetic Profit-First Diversity Driven -Led approach to accelerating measurable Sales & Skills Growth * Diversity & Inclusion *Social Value * revitalised cultures 


We are best known for our collaborative Diversity-Driven Career Accelerators & Boot Camps. Our Consortia have deployed over £8million of government funded employer-led to over 1200 women into Sales |Digital| Cyber| SaaS | Data Science

Our Why

Years of investing in technology over building skilled diversified workforces and inclusive cultures means organisations are struggling to recruit, recognise & retain talent to drive income innovation & social impact advantages


Untapped Potential

Skills, Talent & System iteration capabilities  lag behind ambition and aggressive growth targets. 


Deploy existing and (sometimes limited) resources and systems to urgently deliver revenue results in a maturing markets with ethical approaches that consider diversified , globally dispersed stakeholders. 


Lack of clarity, communication, and gaps in Skills , Teams & Thinking processes hinder team flow, preventing the achievement of Revenue Impact & Brand targets and falling short of buyer/investor/public/regulator  expectations.

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Clients  & Collaborators

Our clients are typically regulated enterprise or aligned to regulated industries looking unlock fast growth, differentiated brand value and untapped diversity dividend.   

They engage us to reach and resonate with underserved disadvantaged and difficult to reach people through the design & delivery of Outreach / Tech/Digital/Innovation/Sales skills bootcamps, accelerators & digital service platforms & programs.


We have a strong track record in designing and delivering programs to drive tech & data  skills , social impact & service innovation . We have have placed over 1200 women and people who are underrepresented in the digital tech and data science pipeline into hard to fill digital roles .

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we serve 


Create collectively intelligent magnetic cultures where women thrive & drive income | innovation | social impact
  • Partner with us to develop inclusive accessible culturally sensitive cultures 

  • Get support to develop new & upgrade curriculum .

  • Change culture with individual accountability.  

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We help you build moonshot mindset, future proof skillset well paid meaningful work an and personal brand to secure lifelong social mobility
  • Build confidence, skills, and a growth mindset in a safe, accessible and inclusive space

  • Sought after interdisciplinary soft / technical / domain skills 

  • Align Personal & professional

  • Build Self-belief

  • Grow social capital, personal brand & social proof 

  • Find Purpose & Meaning , make a global impact /align to SDGs

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Unleash the untapped value from women and 
underrepresented groups: 

  • serve people,

  • align to purpose, 

  • steward the planet, and

  • sustain profits,

who’s practice and impact also works to eradicate poverty, inequality and climate change.

We all win.

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We recognise that digital tech, AI & data science are no silver bullets that will alone radically transform business or society. 


However, our theory of change and delivery vehicle F.UT.U.R.E is underpinned by educating , empowering and employing quadruple driven leaders  focussed on driving value whilst prioritising 





Gender Bias & Stereotypes

Deeply ingrained societal beliefs about gender roles and abilities often result in unconscious biases and discriminatory practices. These biases can hinder women's career progression, limit their access to opportunities, and undermine their contributions.


Growth & Advancement

Women continue to face significant barriers when it comes to accessing equal opportunities and advancing in their careers. Factors such as limited representation in senior positions, gender pay gaps, and a lack of leadership, mentorship and sponsorship opportunities contribute to this problem.

Inflexibilities & Imbalances 

The lack of supportive policies and flexible work arrangements further exacerbate this issue, making it difficult for women to thrive in their careers while managing their personal lives effectively.

Despite spending on DEI reaching $15.6 billion by 2026 the WEF suggests we are still 151 years from parity. This is far from acceptable to us. 


Founder & Lead HeroMaker

Inventor | Investor |Author | Educator| Unpaid Mom Taxi

Embracing,  global M&A experience, successful startup and exit background, as well as overcoming her own challenges to succeed as a multicultural successful working mother.  


Natalie is dedicated to helping orgs overcome 'baked in' bias and bridge the skills & diversity gap in tech. Recruiting & retraining 1000’s women, diverse people for in-demand Tech roles in Financial Services | Gov | GCQH |Universities  & Enterprise. 


Seeing first hand how exposed orgs are to the risks from unintentional discrimination, exclusion or offence to those they need to engage gave her the  motivation to turn passion into action.

Natalie Jameson

‘Equality is the presence of opportunity and ability, not just the absence of discrimination’.  

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Join us in creating vibrant cohesive creative  companies, communities and thriving economies.


Lets hurry up your most urgent important 

inclusion, income, innovation acheivements


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We'll be in touch!

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