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The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has accelerated the mega-trends digitalisation & globalisation. The predictions for mass job displacement & radical shifts in how we live and work are no-longer 5 years away, they are here now.  

Women, and minority groups,  including but not limited to age, colour, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status are  most at risk of displacement & now are experiencing another layer of multiple disadvantages.


At the same time organisations that struggle to recruit, retrain & retain diverse agile innovation savvy workforces are likely to suffer irreversible damage from our common enemies inequality , poverty Climate Change, COVID-19 and the worst Global Recession since World War II.


That's where The Heroworx comes in.

Our Why
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Machines and Artificial intelligence  provide humanity with the capacity to apply our emotional, moral and creative abilities to cultivate solutions for a sustainably harmonious  existence on our planet.  

Digital technologies have democratised the ability to create equal health, wealth and power distribution, regardless of race, age, gender, economic,or physical being. 


With today's technology promising to be the greatest leveller of the 21st Century, we must have under-represented groups in positions of influence in the digital economy, to collect on this potential. 

Furthermore, there is a genuine expectation that business can and should take the lead to drive social and environmental change where government regulation is absent or inadequate.

We have to re-think our approach to talent and where great ideas come from.

Today's VUCA environments don't look the same so why one earth do would we not need a different approach & the  full force of the global workforce to solve them.

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comprised of diverse role models.  

It is vital to empower diverse talent who are more representative of our communities to step into business ownership and leadership roles. 

Humanity will benefit when we have talent from deeply diverse backgrounds  offering an ocean of creativity, perspectives and ideas from those who....


  • have bootstrapped learning complex technical, biological, social, economic concepts or problem solving,

  • are resourceful  in challenging-economic circumstances,  

  • can draw from rich life experiences from and beyond age, religion, gender or ethnicity, 

  • bring unorthodox learning from non-institutional education or the arts training or experience.    


We are driven by the potential of releasing vast untapped economic and social value of women and other under-represented groups through Technology for the sum of us not just some of us, education & empowerment of diverse talent into leadership and  positions of influence .  

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Our Big Idea
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