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3 major sector traps causing tomorrow female talent gaps 

We know all too well, as a newly appointed CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) or even as a CEO or Chief Everything Officer with no CRO, the weight that rests on your shoulders when it comes to delivering urgent results. The fears of missing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) targets and falling short of investor and stakeholder expectations are very real.  


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Investor Expectations

2023 isn’t a valuation game anymore. Investors are increasingly focusing on realisable revenues and profits rather than valuations. The pressure on CROs and boards to keep promises and demonstrate sustainable profitable revenue streams and tangible financial performance is real.

SaaS Market Dynamics

Demand is strong. B2B SaaS spending set to grow 17% to $195 Billion in 2023.

But selling is harder harder.  We’ve gone back to CFO approvals, tight budgets, intense competition.

Recruiting & Ramping Top SaaS Talent

Selling SaaS products requires a unique skill set that combines technical knowledge with sales expertise. Recruiting & ramping candidates who possess both can be a challenge and that are willing to walk away from pipeline and bonus is a big ask. Experienced sellers joining a team take c5.3 months to ramp up to full target. That’s a 1/3 of the way towards the industry average 18 mth tenure in the role before they move. on (HubSpot).


It takes pressure to make diamonds 

The RainMakerHers Program

Pressure: Deploy existing resources and systems to urgently deliver revenue results.

Problem: Lack of clarity, communication, and gaps in RevOps processes, skills, capabilities & battle collateral hinder team flow, preventing the achievement of MRR targets and falling short of investor/owner expectations.




  1. 100% rapid clarity on current RevOps & team capability - ie set up to automate success. 

  2. Uncover gaps and areas of greatness within your team and value proposition.

  3. Ignite team's enthusiasm and align them behind big goals.

  4. Save time and eliminate broken links in your RevOps machine metrics, funnels or Battle collateral 

  5. Gain buy-in from stakeholders and investors.

  6. Identify and address any skills, process, or understanding gaps hindering your progress.

  7. Focus on areas of fast traction low-hanging fruit to expedite SaaS sales growth

Potential: Experience significant revenue growth, gain recognition as a leader and team, and be rewarded for your achievements.


Turn Visibility into Sales Velocity 

Rev-Up Hackathon : 
£7400.00 plus VAT

Rapid traction comes from learning, iterating and implementing insights at lighting speed. But it's hard to see Capability, GTM or REVops gaps in action mode.


Visualise & optimise your entire SaaS GTM & MRR machine and turn insights to income release up 10-25% potential untapped recurring, ascension revenue.


Download the Brochure
Bridge Board & Secure Bigger Rounds 

Fractional SaaS CRO & RevOps Service 

From £2700.oo per month plus VAT


Go from Chief Everything Officer to CEO. Spend a couple of days’ CEO time with a runway ready EdTech CRO to handover the headache of boosting revenues & ramping the team before the next round.


(without committing £200k on a FTE CRO). 


Download the Brochure
Build & Test Entire SaaS Sales Playbook, Funnels, Offer & Objection Scripts, Battle Collateral & Landing Pages in 6 week


SaaS Worx - Sales Innovation Accelerator 

From £22000.00 plus VAT  

state of the union sales innovation sprint, challenge your thinking, create, road-test and rollout GTM Strategies.

Then build your battle collateral : webinars, white papers, avatar, demo scripts  battle cards, pitch decks, B2B partner pitch decks, templates, tools & funnels landing pages etc


> SaaS Sales Coach Brochure
Turn Daily Actions to Faster Traction & Talent Satisfaction

SaaS Worx - Sales Coaching & Training

From £700.00 plus VAT per seller per month

Ramp the revenue, results and returns on top SaaS sales talent and teams. Support your sellers build skills,  high performance habits, a winner’s mindset & grit to smash quantum quotas with easy daily actions and activities while you build & lead RevOp.

AOR: Activities, Objectives, Results Coaching

You tell SaaS Worx coach what sales goals & outcomes you need to achieve. They will create the roadmap to ramp SaaS Sales Rookie in record time.


We help you build a data-driven approach to real time by tracking sales processes, calls and downfalls (without micromanaging, of course!). Track your team’s sales activities;  based on defined objectives to improve the concerned sales metrics 


Risk Free Guarantee

Promise:  If you implement our recommendations and we don't achieve the target, we mutually agree at the outset, we will work with you at no additional investment, for up to 6 months after the 1st agreed period, until we get you there.

Capacity is limited -  the SaaS Worx HeroMakeHers  team is expanding

Reach out if you are have capacity to help a SaaS Scale as a

Fractional CRO - or Sales Coach -  Funnel Maker - Asset Creator 

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Natalie Jameson

‘Equality is the presence of opportunity and ability, not just the absence of discrimination’.  

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