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We are J.E.D.I. warriors furthering Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion in the digital economy. We openly seek to collaborate. We look for projects and partners where we compliment each other to break bias and build a balanced working world.


Our work is centred around our founder's ethos that equity is the sum of opportunity + ability + self efficacy - discrimination.   So we set out to educate, empower and employ women and minorities who are under represented in the tech sector. 

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Diversity by Design


Design & deliver a  talent engagement & recruitment campaign for The Institute  of Coding & Manchester Metropolitan to recruit a diverse cohort of learners onto £5.2 million pound DfE skills bootcamp. 

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UX Service Design
Within TechEquity 
Cloud Engineer BootCamp - 

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Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Talent in Tech & Data

MSc DATA SCIENCE & AI  Funded by Institute of Coding

Helped to research and develop a ground breaking Data Science & AI programme to proactively widen participation, diversity and inclusion in Data Science by designing in accessibility from early contact through to employment.

Areas of consultancy included:

  • Curriculum development /

  • Develop and deliver of a Women in Tech Shropshire network - costed business case 

  • Developing the programme

  • Marketing and engagement (promoting the programme).

  • A prioritised list of organisational participants A marketing plan for recruiting individuals into the network.

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Diversity in Creative, Digital Public Relations & Recruitment for MPA

#TheBigIDEA was a campaign we developed in 2021 along with a number of value driven organisations to help the  MPA - Manchester Publicity Association to attract more diverse representation into the #digital#tech and the #creative sectors in Manchester in the UK.

You can now see our billboards up around the region!


Meet Shafia - this billboard is in Piccadilly Gardens. There are loads more all over the city and will be for a couple of weeks in August 22 

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Tech4Good GCQH Accelerator Program Design & Recruitment

Program Curriculum Design & Recruitment Campaign Design & Delivery - Developed Innovation Sprint framework, Pulled together parents  and led the recruitment of TECH & DATA for good startups. We were supported 12 businesses through product or service design.


Our goal was help emerging businesses make breakthroughs with their ingenious products and services through providing unique access to GCHQ technologists, industry experts and dedicated coaches.

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