Skills Bootcamp Privacy Notice

Who we are

This privacy notice explains how we collect and use your personal information for the purposes of running and evaluating the Skills Bootcamps, which are part of Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs. This data is being collected by The Heroworx Institute, a partner in the Institute of Coding (IoC)/Manchester Metropolitan consortium.

The IoC is a group of industry, government, higher education and outreach partners who have come together to create more than 150 new courses that have engaged 900,000 diverse learners to date. Our partners have created a variety of courses (many of which are online) so you can keep learning wherever you are in your life or career.

For the purposes of relevant data protection legislation, The Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Bath and the Department for Education (DfE) are joint data controllers for personal information processed for this programme and associated research.

Personal information and Our Partners

We, Heroworx Institute, are collecting application Data only from Skills Bootcamp applicants subcontracted to do so on behave on Manchester Metropolitan University as a provider of Skills Bootcamp training on behalf of the DfE. Your personal data will be shared with the DfE to help them understand how well the courses are working and if they are achieving their outcomes. Please see the DfE’s Privacy Notice for Skills Bootcamps for detailed information on: • why they are collecting your personal information • which information will be collected • the legal basis for this data collection • how your information will be used • how long the information will be stored by the DfE • who will be able to see your personal information • how you can request to access, rectify or erase your information from the DfE’s records Personal information and The Manchester Metropolitan University, the Institute of Coding The Manchester Metropolitan University, a partner in the Institute of Coding (IoC) for Skills Bootcamps, will collect and store the data outlined in this Privacy Notice and the DfE’s Privacy Notice throughout your application to, and participation in, the Skills Bootcamps, National Skills Fund initiative. Data will be collected by The Manchester Metropolitan University, and shared with IoC Consortium partners the University of Bath and Deloitte LLP to: • make sure that all data has been collected correctly and in full • review the status of each learner towards completion of their training and any employment outcomes • supply the DfE with the data required to fulfil the IoC contract to deliver Skills Bootcamps • ensure any funding claimed from the DfE is distributed correctly to each delivery partner • allow the IoC to review information across all its delivery partners to see where there are similarities and differences across the country and for different providers. Deloitte LLP are a partner of the IoC for the purposes of receiving, checking and reviewing your personal data as outlined above. Your personal, individualised data will not be available to any other partner within the IoC consortium. Aggregated, anonymised and summarised data may be shared between consortium partners to support the development of best practice and identification of improvements which could be made to Skills Bootcamp delivery. • We will store your personal data in line with our General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) policies: ( • Data will be transferred to the University of Bath(lead partner for theIoC)and Deloitte LLP (IoC partner) by ShareFile, a secure file sharing service where data your is encrypted. • Data will be transferred to the DfE using the DfE’s mandated secure data transfer service. •If you decide you do not want your personal data used on an ongoing basis for research, you can notify us and request to be withdrawn from training. No further data will be collected or linked beyond that point. This request must be made to both to us as the training provider and to the DfE. Why we collect your personal information We are collecting data on Skills Bootcamp applicants and participants for the purposes of managing your participation in the Skills Bootcamp and to help the DfE understand how well the courses are working and if they are achieving their outcomes. The nature of your personal data we will be using As part of the data collection we are asking for your: • personal data • contact details, • national insurance number, • first name, • surname, • postcode and • date of birth The special category data we will be processing includes: • gender • disability details and • ethnicity details. As part of the DfE’s work to evaluate the effectiveness of Skills Bootcamps in supporting people to gain employment and higher incomes the DfE will link this data to other government held records on income and employment and benefits. This is to look at the programme’s overall impact. More information is contained within the supplementary materials for participants. Our legal basis for collecting your personal information We collect personal information only where we need to and the law permits. In order for our use of your personal data to be lawful, we need to meet conditions in the data protection legislation. For the purpose of this programme, the relevant condition(s) that we are meeting are: 1. Article 6 (1)(e): It is necessary to collect data from users in order to effectively access the service and to evaluate outcomes of the service. The legal basis is public task and the legal gateway is Section 87 of the Education and Skills Act 2008. 2. Article 6 (1)(f): It is necessary to collect data from users as the processing is necessary for the organisation’s legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s individual data that overrides those legitimate interests. And for the processing of special category data: 3. Article 9(2)(g) of the GDPR, and Schedule 1, Part 2 paragraph 8 of the Data Protection Act 2018: to ensure equality of opportunity or treatment. We may request your participation in interviews and surveys as part of the evaluation of the programme. How we use your personal information Personal information collected from research participants is treated as confidential and collected for management and research purposes and financial checks only. Any information shared publicly will be anonymised so you cannot be identified. We and the DfE will use the data for policy development and to help improve education services. How long we will keep your personal data We will keep your personal data for a maximum of 3 years, after which point they will be securely destroyed. Who we will make your personal data available to We will share your personal data with the DfE who may make them available to other organisations for specific purposes and plan to track participants’ longer-term outcomes through links to administrative data held by DfE, DWP and HMRC. Where the DfE needs to share your personal data with others, it is ensured that this sharing complies with data protection legislation. For the purposes of this project, your data may be shared with external evaluators who will: • analyse your personal data on behalf of the DfE to evaluate Digital Skills Bootcamp provider and participant outcomes, and to contribute to improving the next wave of provision. • follow up with you directly to invite you to take part in qualitative interviews or a survey to understand your experience of participating in the Digital Skills Bootcamps. Participation in surveys and/or interviews is voluntary and you can opt out by requesting this from the DfE’s 3rd party contractor. Request to access, rectify or erase your information Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you are entitled to ask if we hold information relating to you and ask for a copy, by making a ‘subject access request’. Your data protection rights; • The right to access: you are entitled to ask if we hold information relating to you and ask for a copy by making a “subject access request.” • The right to rectification: you have the right to request to correct any information you believe is inaccurate. • The right to erasure: you have the right to request for your information to be erased, under certain circumstances. • The right to restrict processing: you have the right to request that the processing of your personal data is restricted, under certain circumstances. • The right to object to processing: you have the right to object to processing of your personal data, under certain circumstances. • The right to data portability: you have the right to move your personal data to another data controller For further information and how to request your data, please contact The Manchester Metropolitan University.